International Music Camp

As many of you know, we engage our students in hand-writing thank you notes to you for the many gifts you provide to LCF.  We recently spent a Sunday afternoon writing cards to loyal supporters.
The following thank you note, written privately and with NO adult coaching as to the content or conventions, exemplifies the heart and soul of our students.  

"Dear  _______.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for the Legacy students, my family, and me.  Every penny that you have invested in us has helped us so much.  Over the past few years, I have gained so much knowledge about myself, the world, and my peers.

Before being in Legacy, I was a very shy and scared student.  I never had a conversation that was more than just a "hi or hello".  But every moment spent with the Legacy students, and mentors have helped me break past all my barriers.  Being a member of this program has also helped me build my math and reading skills.  The only thing that has helped me achieve that, was by going to Sylvan.  Most kids did not enjoy spending their summer days learning, but I did.  Just knowing that there were people that care about my future has helped me a lot.

I also want to thank you for...
- taking some time out of your life to come on some trips with us.
- coming to some of my basketball games.
- believing in me, and all of the Legacy students.

No words can actually describe how thankful I am for everything you have done.  I really appreciate it.


Educating Students

Students blend their musical and creative art talents to develop their skills and make lasting friendships at the amazing International Music Camp! 

Thank you Sammon's Financial for your support of this opportunity for the Legacy students!

Middle School Wyoming 2017 Trip

The key to a thriving future for any child is to become educated. Our success depends on honest, committed relationships with inter-generational caring adults.  We have simple connections you can make to empower a teenager to reach his/her full potential.

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Thank you for taking time to explore our website to find the right connection for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

At the end of every quarter of school, LCF considers the addition of new students.

Interested students will follow these steps:

1.  Review the LCF student criteria as outlined in the Student Application to make sure they qualify for LCF.

2.  Any interested student who qualifies should email: with his/her name, school, grade, phone number and email address.  LCF will call the student and parent(s) to discuss LCF.  If the student is interested in LCF, then step #3 is arranged.

3. Students will be interviewed in person by LCF student Board members to further understand and determine student participation in LCF.

4.  If the student Board members recommend the new student to LCF, the Executive Director will meet with the student and parents to complete LCF application and clarify expectations.

Wisconsin Dells 2017 Trip

Exploring the real world of work and money is a vital life skill set for teenagers. We intentionally place our students in job shadowing experiences throughout our community to get a real feel for the world of work. College campus tours and visits are included in this experience as well.

Summer Travel

Career Development

A dinner celebration, in a festive room of excited families, brought proud students to the stage to receive accolades and awards for their academic and leadership accomplishments on March 27, 2017. The LCF Academic Coaches proudly distributed the awards to the students they have provided leadership, encouragement and instruction to since early September at our after-school homework sites. Student progress and academic mastery would not be possible without our coaches! The following awards were presented:

Medals of Academic Achievement
Bronze – GPA of 2.0-2.94, 16 students
Silver – GPA of 2.95-3.44, 12 students
Gold – GPA of 3.45-4.0, 15 students

Trophies for Academic Achievement
Senior Success:  Taylor Hirchert, Krista Schumacher
Most Improved:  Brooke Qualley, Mazin Zaacharia, Christie Saintal
Perfect Attendance:  Tirtha Ghimirey
Highest GPA:  Vuciri Hakim, Puja Chhetri
3rd Quarter $50 bonus: Earned 80% of LCF paychecks, 25 students

Trophies for Leadership and Character Development
Don Dehne Award for Positive Mental Attitude:  Noella Akech, Maria Modi
Duane Liffrig Award for honesty, kindness, and a spirit to over-come:  Faith Isaac, Isa Badjie
Legacy Award for leadership, citizenship and work ethic:  Fideli Assa, Moriku Hakim, Grace Tuya, Mya Schumacher, Junior Surpris


Character Development

The Legacy students team up with engineers from John Deere each year to plan, build and compete with their made-from-scratch robot at the FIRST Robotics Competition in Bismarck. Skill development and practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math along with positive relationship building blends these creative minds into a hard to beat team. Go Thunder Bots!

Academic Awards Celebration

Academic Coaches

Sylvan Learning Center

Basic skill development is fortified through individualized instruction in reading and math at the Sylvan Learning Center in Fargo. Legacy students are expected to work to improve their basic skills in reading and math during the summer months at our satellite site designed especially for them. Tremendous life-changing skill development has transpired for our Legacy students through this important intervention.​

​Legacy students work with local college students after school who are hired to be our academic coaches during the school year. Homework rooms are set up throughout the community each school day of the year to assist students in their goal to be successful students. Click here to read reflections from an academic coach.

Every student deserves to graduate!

Students earn the opportunity during the summer months to travel to new destinations to develop relationships, try new adventures, visit universities, serve others and overcome fears!

Student Application Process

High School Boston 2017 Trip