Ways you Can Help!


The gift of PRESENCE

Students need to see and know that people care about them.  Your presence at our events or as a volunteer shows kids they are important assets in our community.  Thank you for your ongoing gift of presence!

We provide many after school opportunities to support and develop the gifts and talents of each LCF student. 

Fargo's premier, youth-led food pantry in partnership with the Great Plains Food Bank is a great place to help us serve our hungry Fargo neighbors.  Please register on line at SignUp.com to help us serve, love and encourage others. Be thankful everyday, but especially Thursday!

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Our work is completely dependent on the support and encouragement of our community thus making your donation vitally important to the success of the teenagers who have developed this program. We promise to be frugal stewards of your donation.

We thank you! 

Every student deserves to graduate!

LCF Endowment Fund... a gift that keeps giving!

The gift of PRESENTS

Financial Gifts
Your thoughtful consideration in supporting our life-changing mission through a financial gift allows us to provide vital after school resources to our students.  "Our work is.... We thank you very much."  Give online at Impact.  Thank you very much!

For more specific information about LCF endowed funds please contact:
The FM Area Foundation
Greg Diehl
Development Officer
(701) 234-0756